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Over 25 years Aquanorth has gained extensive waterproofing installation expertise. We use a wide range of products and take great pride in the relationships built with our suppliers. This helps ensure the most effective products and solutions are available to all customers at all times. This, along with our commitment to excellence, ensures each projects successful completion.

Our team of leaders will ensure that each customer will receive the most efficient, cost effective and safe waterproofing solution based on your business and building needs. We believe in our unparalleled ability to address the full spectrum starting with grass root projects to problem solving solutions and preventative measures. All, which are championed by the best warranties and maintenance programs.

Ontario/Canada faces harsh and unpredictable weather conditions throughout the seasons, Aquanorth is sure to have the safe and trustworthy solution to any unpredictable and unforeseen challenge.

Remaining a market leader in an evolving and fast paced industry is one of the top priorities for Aquanorth. We are continuously perfecting health and safety measures, technologies and quality control to ensure that all expectations and goals are met and sustained. We are constantly challenging ourselves to meet the demands of existing markets, and anticipate how to serve emerging ones.

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